Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hello guys,,

Almost all teenagers today love playing games. Well that including me~ And they play it with reason. Bored, stress, don't know what to do, are some of the reason. This school holiday is fu*kin' boring! I got all the day just sit in front this pc and play games. I'll tell all my favourite games. My favourite games are,

1. O2mania (O2jam offline mode) 

2.Dawn of War : Dark Crusade

3. The Sims 3 World Adventures

 These games for computer. Below are for ps2.

1. Kingdom Hearts 2 (I should buy KH1 first so I can understand the story =.=)


Sora's Forms

Only 1 for ps2..  =D For Nintendo DS,

1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

2. Tetris DS 


... I miss those games.. For Nintendo Wii,

1. Wii Sport Resort

2. Wii Music

3. Bonsai Barber

 For GameBoy, I'm not putting any pictures...

1. Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town
2.Pokemon Ruby
3. Pokemon Sapphire
4.Pokemon Emerald
5. Pokemon Red Rescue Team

For now, these are my favourite games... 
I'm just play computer games this holiday...What a boring holiday~
Till next time guys.. =D


  1. Ehh suke jugak eaa Bonsai Barber ? HAHA
    ingatkan tak suke !