Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My lil' brother.. I hate him ! I have a computer in my room(our room). He use it all the day (actually, all the time!). He is a Selfish Jerk. He make that computer like his computer. He didn't think about anyone else. Anything happen in this house, he doesn't care. He's not go out from that room until the computer is off (only go out for eat). The thing that I always saw he do with that computer are, playing games (roblox[always!!], brothers in arm, Halo and many more) and online-ing. Sometime, he download games! And that makes the computer slow~ see? he doesn't care about it. He just care about playing games. Arghhh! Today, he use that computer all time. Tomorrow, if he use that computer again, he will get it!  I can say that he is the laziest in this house, he didn't help anything in this house.. Just play computer. Sometime, when he get hungry, he ask my mom some food. Then she said, go eat that computer.. haha! If i am wizard, i'll change him to a fish and put him on aquarium..  or just fry him.. *laugh like a mad scientist* MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

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