Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Always get cold here~

Hey guys...
Today, I'll sleep at my sister's house~ This house always cool~ There are 1, 2, 3, 4 air-conds in this house and that including my room.
Here, I can feel a little bit free. Maybe I can sleep late here (hehe). 
btw, I just told my brother to burn Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM (Chain of Memories) to cd so I can play it with my ps2 in this house.. I'm happy because my brother burned it ^^ but not too happy until I played all the Kingdom Hearts games.. hoho
Almost all day I spend my time with games.. What a boring holiday~
Also, we went to Jusco Tebrau City~ The reason is to play games at Smart Wonder World (look, games again~~). My brother-in-law give me rm30 for 30 token and we get free pen.. ~___~ Me brother and I play that shooting zombies(i guess zombies, some of them look like ghost) while the rest go play something else(i don't know what they're doing.. HAHA)
After an hour play, my stomach is asking some food.. We're going eat at Johnny's Restaurant. I love their Chocolate Milk Shake. You guys should try it~ There are many Thai-based foods and their noodle is green o.o (i think it's spinach noodle).

My feet is freezing already. Sitting here make a new post with a freezing fan (mmg sjok gler kipas niy nyer angin~) I'll stop typing here... Need some rest~  till next time..  =)

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