Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hello !

Gosh. I thought I've promised to this blog that I would be more active on it after SPM. Sorry blog :'(

So, about the 'culinary or music', I (guess) will choose culinary. So stress to think about it. erghh ! 

Oh ya, Happy New Year guys ! I hope this year will be better than last year. 
Hmm. I thought I can feel more relax and calm this holiday. But my thought was wrong. I have to take care of my nephews. And the cats! 

By the way, i'm working on my Driving License this year. I've attend that KPP. It was boring ! But important at the same time ! I'll take this serious. I'm not going to waste my brother-in-law's money. :'D I'll try my best !


I really miss my school ! I'm not a school student anymore D':
The moment I really miss is when my friends and I stay in the Library or Canteen. 
I really miss you guys. Alhan, Hamezan, Laily, Faiqah, Arab, Umai. Librarian Azmira, Madihah, Lisa-Mae, Jenny, Aini, Hapipa, Yana, Syafiqah. My lovely classmates too ! I wish I can mention all of you. Haha ! *Holding my tears from falling*

I miss those moment when we won the 1st place on sport's day marching. But I didn't feel the real happy because it was rain heavily that time and I feel like no one watching me up on the stage. I won the best Platoon Leader too. 
I miss them. 

Today I go to the school before Friday Prayer to give Azmira a file of my SPM papers at the Library. I really miss the smell of school. Haha. When I open the Library's door, Discipline teacher, Cikgu Rashid (they call him OldMan) was there. He smiled at me. I can't talk a thing to him ! I smile back and head to Cik Yam (Library staff) and ask her to Give the file to Azmira. 

From what I know, I don't have problem with discipline. Teacher must be think that I am a good student. Teacher Shanti once praised me. She said that I am a good student. Always walk alone and silently. I can say that I am closed to my Class Teacher, Pn. Azhani. She couldn't believe that my name was mentioned in teachers meeting. The Principal mentioned my name because of attendance. I have potential to get a good grade on exam but my grade going downward because of my attendance. Other teacher also surprised that my name was there. I've been be nice in front of them for a long time. But this time, I didn't get any warning letter :D

What should I type? Suddenly I feel like blank. I can't think a word. Maybe I should get some sleep. 
Off for now !