Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 ?

Happy New Year Guyzz!

Hehe.. I can't online on school days... (T^T) but i think i can on weekend.. 
The stuff that I hope/wish/want in this year ;
- study hard for SPM !
- have a great friends
- more un-talkative (HAHA)
- learn some music instruments
- hangout with friends (hope so)
- teacher didn't give many homeworks
- get a helping-hand from my friend for my mathematics
- have a straight hair (blablabla)
- try to get A's in any exam
- teachers not so pugnacious @ truculent (garang)

thats all i think.. haha.. 
(sob sob..)
i want to say, hope you all happy to get back to school..
for my adopt brother, Kucik n Arep, I know you are not a school students anymore.. Take care out there okay.. ^^

(sob sob.. // me: hey blog, why r u crying? // blog: what? am I crying? // me: ==" btw, i'll miss you blog.. // blog: i'll miss you smart k^^ // me: okay.. ^^)
I must sleep now guys..  bye for now.. ^^

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