Monday, December 27, 2010


On last Saturday (25`12`10), my family and I were going to mom's village because my cousin is getting married. We have our breakfast at Restoran Jumaat. Hani, Mak Ngah, Abah and me had lontong while Kakak and Mama had Soto. Then we continue our journey to the village.. -.-

When we arrive, i just pick up my things and put in the house. Then i just sit and do nothing.. hehe.. Instead doing nothing, i borrow Hani's phone to transfer some musics via bluetooth.. When there's wedding somewhere, there must a music. Just the same music.. ~___~ soo lame~   "Selamat~ Pengantin Baru~.. Salamat~ Berbahgia~"  haha.. I'm easily get bored here because i have no many friends.. Just sit there and do nothing.. I even didn't talk to my cousin.. ~___~ (look, i'm being arrogant -__-)

Why in any wedding must have someone sings? Sometime, they pick the singer that sucks in singing.. The pitching always run away from the real song.. >.< 
After done with bluetooth-ing, i'm just sit there and write something for this blog with my phone..(blog: hoho.. what a good owner.. write something using his phone for me... hehe// me: shut up! -___-)
I love village because there are many greens here so i can sit here quietly and peace~ But for now, this place is full of people that invited to the wedding.. So, I'm not in mood to stay there that time..

This holiday sucks! I must do something before school starts (blog: eyy, next week start school la.. What you want to do with this short time? // Me: Shut up lahh!). Next year I must study more and prepare for spm on 2012.. No time to play~ (Blog: dear owner, are you sure there is no time to play? i think you play all the time! // Me: aiyo.. why you always blame at me? You're disturbing lahh // Blog: because i'm your friend..  =P)
This year is the only time for play..
(Blog: whatever lah Hariz~)

I decided to take some picture using abah's handcam,, these are the picture that i capture~

I think, next time i've to bring my friend la to make less boring~ There are so many kids here..( many kids = noisy  >.< ) Two of them playing with the door -__- The boy close the door than his sister (i think) open it.. Then he close it again and his sister just do the same thing.. Keep opening the door... Kids~
To my cousins, sorry because i'm being arrogant.. I didn't shake hand with you guys before go back home (its because irfan causing trouble! i have to take care of him..)

Thats all my essay today.. haha.. till next time~
(Blog: i'll miss you owner.. // Me: i'll miss you too~)

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