Saturday, December 4, 2010

After PMR... enjoy huhh?

What a beautifully boring day. There's nothing to do~

PMR is over already and school holiday started... I thought I could enjoy a little before next year... But my thought was wrong... well, i'm the one who make it less enjoying.. My father take the RAM from my pc so I can't use it... (i think my father do that because i'm always go to bed late night). I got a greenlight from my sister (she told me her laptop password). I can use her laptop now... yay!  and now, it's turn bad.. my father take the laptop and hide it somewhere.. and luckily, i found it (after 3 days searching for it).

This holiday, I don't know what to do. Everyday just doing the same thing, Wake up - pray - take a bath - take a breakfast - turn on laptop and online facebook till late night.. That sound bad isn't it? I heard someone just planned to take me to cinema.. I hope I can go.. I must do something before school starts back! Maybe, when school starts, the teacher told me to write an essay about last school holiday. My heart will stop pumping right there that time.

I'll spend my holiday with blogging, chatting, fb-ing, gaming n singing for now. Till next time.. =D
(i guess i can't update this blog so much)

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