Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Hello readers~

So, my last post was on 16 November 2011. I can see spider webs on the top corner of the blog. HAHA !
I promise you blog ! I'll be more active after my SPM !

Last week was the week where SPM start. What can I say for now is I can answer those 4 papers (BM , BI, MM, SJ) easily except SJ paper 1 and Math paper 1. Many of us got problem with those two papers. I heard a rumour that we have to repeat SJ paper. I hope that rumour was not true ! Next paper will be Pendidikan Islam next week. Pray for me guys !

I feel happy, excited but sad at the same time. After 6 December, I will no longer categorized as a school student. I will have to face the true world out there which is more challenging. After SPM, my plan will be...

-- Take a car license.
-- Holiday with my family (Langkawi maybe?)
-- Study music with Ho Ying Huei?

That's all for now I guess? Talk about music. I don't know what course should I take in University. Culinary or Music? I want to bake cakes. But I want to play music too. I had a headache just because think about this. So, I've posted in Facebook asking my friends to give their opinion about this.

2 votes for Culinary and 3 votes for Music. The Blue Box is for Culinary and the Red Box is for Music. Hmm~ If I take Culinary, I'll have to take business as well so that I can open my own shop one day. If I take Music, I can make covers of many song and post it on Youtube maybe? or I can make my own music. Or I can be a music teacher? The fee to take music classes today is too DAMN expensive ! So maybe I can make money through that? haha.
My my.. I can never stop thinking about this. I feel bad for make my Violin lonely and feel not useful. My brother-in-law give it to me and i'm not using it !

But for now, I have to focus on SPM and try to get a good result. I want to play violin so bad. Okay, that's all for today. Oh ya, Salam Maal Hijrah for my friends. And wish me luck for upcoming paper, Pendidikan Islam. Bye~

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