Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White room~

Hello guyzz~ my room is white in colour now.. hohoho.. I paint it.. but not complete yet.. The computer table's part is hard to paint... Have to move the table first. And that table is large.. Large = heavy so, I can't do that alone. Need somebody to help~


haa, to my friend, Mus, get well soon yaa.. Soooo bored when ur not online~
Some of my myspace friend said, my face look like chinese.. o.o  is that true?
well, maybe true when I'm in darjah 1.. My face is very white and I remember, there is one senior (darjah 6 x silap) like to pinch my cheeks.. hoho.. now, my face is dark a bit because of kawad kaki~ but still white ^^
Talk about kawad, this year KPA took first place~ yeahh! I'm afraid next year we can't get that place... For the first time in that school, KPA got the first place.. This year, most of them are form 5 students. Next year, we'll get in not enough members problem. Wahh. that makes me feel worried.. 

My friend said that picture is like his Pak Guard. haha.. He should wear a pair of glasses.. ==''
grr~ until my room is not finish painted, my brother didn't repair it... I'll paint that room as fast as I can..  >.<

Next year, I think I will not meet some of my friends.. They're move to other school. I'll miss you my friends.

Late already. Till next time..  ;)

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